Partner For People And Place, Inc is a U.S. non-profit 501(c)3 public charity.  

Its purpose is to reduce rural poverty in Haiti through sustainable economic development.   It is governed by an unpaid Board of Directors, who are active problem-solvers from landscape architecture, business, natural and social science, engineering and community service.

  • Rob Fisher, Executive Director

  • Kathleen Robbins

  • Richard Wheeler

  • Barbara Bloom-Fisher

  • Sarah Glickman

  • Alan Dishman

  • Sarah Fisher Curtin

  • Lewis Hudgins

  • Peter Rice

  • Smith Wilson

  • Josh Koons

  • Ed Risler

JP (Jatrofa Projenou) is our rural development center in Haiti.  

 JP is a community agriculture and enterprise development center, located in Terrier Rouge, Haiti. It has with a Haitian staff, who are skilled in agriculture, forestry, industrial arts, and small business. It contains a farm, a tree nursery, and a light manufacturing and training facility.