Its not just the Apprentice who learns

The beauty of the Apprentice Program is that it not only teaches skills to the Apprentice but also teaches business skills to the Master. The other morning I caught  JP's business trainer helping a master tailor set up books for his business on his laptop.  We are also working with him to develop ideas on new markets.  When his business grows, so will jobs, and for an economy with massive youth unemployment that is a good thing.  It will also strengthen the capacity of Haiti's economy to service itself and that is a paramount goal.   You can imagine the impact on a Haitian tailor of tons of donated clothing from the US,  not unlike the impact of free medical aid on the capacity of Haitian doctors, or the consequence to Haitian farmers of massive food aid.  Charity almost always has unintended consequences and the only solution is to get smarter about anticipating and offsetting them. We can do better than the cliches of charity.

Posted on April 26, 2016 .