Celebrate 50th year of EARTH DAY by planting trees in Haiti

Few other places are as emblematic of environmental collapse as Haiti.  It is an island threatened by rising sea level, an island vulnerable to violent weather from global warming and an island economy crippled by endemic poverty.  Its deficit of trees is a party to to all of these.  

But planting trees massively can induce positive change.  While that may seem as daunting as building Daytona Beach one grain of sand at a time, we must remember the recovery of Lake Erie, the recovery from the Dustbowl in the Great Plains and other instances, where collapsed environments have been restored by human intervention and the force of ecological systems.  

Our reforestation program is embarked on this quest.  Last month a group of Haitians and Americans built a new shade house at our nursery in Terrier Rouge to grow more trees.  Now we're onto the next step, getting them into the ground on Haiti's hills and we need your help.  For $1 we can deliver and plant a tree and in 9 months it will be taller than you.  That's a deal you'd jump on for your own backyard.

But on Haiti's hills trees are more than shade, they are economic assets for families, shapers of climate, conservers of water, controllers of soil erosion, reducers of floods, and removers of carbon from our planet's atmosphere (which only photosynthesis can do).  In other words, when we plant trees for you in your Haitian backyard, there is a local and a global impact - a commemoration of Earth Day's reminder that there's Only One Earth.  

P.S. Remember, in the tropics trees grow fast, so within nine months, your trees will be taller than you are and within three years will be returning income to families on the land.  That's a deal for a buck!  Our goal is ten thousand trees in the ground by Christmas. With a group effort it's do-able  -  little drops of water, little grains of sand, make the mighty ocean and the mighty land. 

Posted on March 21, 2017 .